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How to order your products?   <<  如何在网订购?  >> 


1.)  Add  the interested product you wish to order into shopping cart. In your shopping cart,  you may update the order quantity. 

If you wish to continue shopping, please click on << Select size & colour  > >.



2.  You may  click << Ok >> once you have completed  your  shopping  or  click <<  Cancel >> to continue  shopping. If you want other item to order, please click on

< < Add to cart >> 




3.)  You may<< continue  shopping >> or click << Checkout >> once you have completed  your  shopping.




4.)  If you are already a member  just  fill up the << Member Login >>.If you are new to us,please click on the<< Register Member >> to sign up as a member  or 

<< Directly Purchase >>.




5.) Fill up the shipping information .On  the subsequent  page, you will be asked to fill in the <<shipping  information>>.  Please  select  your delivery  location  e.g. West Malaysia, East Malaysia , Singapore & etc .After fill up all the required details<< * >> just click << button to confirm >> the shipping information.